Плагин hsonly: сборник тестов по пгк за 9 класс по казахстану

24 окт 2014 Плагин полностью отключает убийству стрельбой в тело, по названию плагина понятно, что убить свою жертву можно только в голову. GoG GO#1 Deagle HS only gameME FastDL by gamed!de, a Counter-strike : Global Offensive server, located in Germany. Originally Posted by nguyenbaodanh View Post. I put in plugin.hsonly.cfg. I want to allow those guns ,is this setting correct ? 'cos it not working.

Aug 11, 2016 In HS only DM, often people will never continue a spray and just only Personally I think you should distribute DM time 50-50 on HS-only and. Version: 1.1. Author: Gilly .: Description :. This plugin allows you to enable the " HeadShot Only" mod. That means

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